Get Your House Ready For Renting

Expensive housePreparing a property to be rented out on Airbnb is not complicated and can be a very simple and routine thing when done timely and properly. Generally, a well presented, well-kept house will be much easier to rent out and will attract possibly good and well-behaved tenants. What can you do as a landlord to make the whole process easy for everyone? Well, for starters, lose all the unnecessary stuff like outdated furniture, old appliances and any other items that might be cluttering the place and won’t be needed either by yourself or the tenants.

Hire Professional Cleaning Service If Necessary

Professional MaidIf necessary hire out some professional cleaners who have a good rep and will do a good job on your rental. A clean and neat place will definitely attract good reviews on Airbnb. Also, have a good look around if any small repairs or touch ups need doing, if possible do repair those. This will show to potential tenants that you do care for the house and would like to get it back in the state you rented it out, minus the regular wear and tear of course.

Tidy up the front and back yard, if such, this will be the first impression for your new tenants and you want to make it a good one. No need of landscape details such as fountains installations or marble benches just sweep the leaves and dirt away, simple as that. Take some photos of the place before renting it out, these will help settle any potential disputes in future.

Have a cleaning checklist ready for the tenant as they will have to organise a carpet cleaning businesses can be of service so mention that to your tenants as well, this could prove to be a problem solver later on. These are just basic pieces of advice, keep in mind that real life situations are more complex and strictly individual, at the end of the day, trust your gut feeling and be careful with your decisions.

How To Clean The Bathroom

BathroomYou may begin your cleaning adventure with the mirror. The glass is best clean with white vinegar. It will make it sparkle and remove the water build ups, the toothpaste splashes as well as any soap residuals. Just pour some on a cloth and wipe the surface. If you have a sprinkler bottle you may first apply it to the entire mirror surface, and then wipe.

Then move towards the bathtub. Pretty much the same thing – you can use the white vinegar to do the cleaning. Applying and wiping goes the same way as with the mirror. For a more resistant hard water stains, you can use a paste of baking soda and water. Make sure it is tight enough to stick around, cover the stains with it, and wait half an hour. Then rinse and wipe dry.

The faucets can be cleaned in a vinegar as well. You have to dampen a cloth with vinegar and wrap it around the faucet. Leave it there overnight. The hard water stains will be gone. Last, in the end of tenancy cleaning routine, you can clean the floor tiles and the ones on the walls. Vinegar is your best buddy here as well. Dampen a cloth, then wipe, then rinse.

In the end, a professional cleaning company can deal with the described above one’s stains, as well as with any other that you may have. So don’t be proud and have a helping hand around.

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