Sofa Cleaning London

Upholstery cleaning LondonCentral London Cleaners provides a number of solutions for your furniture. Dry sofa cleaning, hot water extraction, as well as special methods for restoration, cleaning and protection of leather furnishing.

Domestic Sofa Dry Cleaning
This is a method for moisture-sensitive fabrics. The dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is similar to the dry carpet cleaning. It includes:

  • pre-treatment of stains;
  • solvent is injected into the fabric and soaked up;
  • spraying the dry powder;
  • using a machine to scrub the powder into the fabric;
  • vacuuming up the powder, to which all grime, dirt and dust are attached;

This is a gentle method, yet powerful. Our cleaners carry all the needed spot stain removers, cleaning detergents and protective equipment (shoe covers, gloves, protective face masks).
Hot Water Extraction Steam Sofa Cleaning
This is the most powerful cleaning for your upholstered furniture. Our cleaners use a hot water extraction machine to rinse the sofa, extracting all the dirt together with the moisture. This method includes:

  • pre-treatment, spot stain removal;
  • a piece of plastic is put under the HWE machine to protect the surface beneath;
  • our cleaners ensure proper ventilation for the place, using a fan or by opening the windows;
  • cardboard or plastic squares could be used to avoid indentations;

We recommend booking upholstery and carpet cleaning together for a discount.
What Now?
Booking a bundle of services will get you a discount, so we recommend to check our carpet cleaning service. The methods used for cleaning upholstery are the same. You can also see our about us page, and read what our customers had to say in the testimonials page. Contact us via an email or a phone for a free quote.


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