Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf

Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf Е14If you are looking for top quality carpet cleaning services in Canary Wharf Е14, then you are in the right place. We at Central London Cleaners are an experienced cleaning contractor and we have an excellent reputation when it comes to rug and carpet cleaning services, so you can be sure that we have what it takes to meet your requirements. Residential and commercial customers situated in Canary Wharf can take advantage of our professional carpet and rug cleaning procedures. Give us a call and our friendly support staff will tell you more about the services we offer. Call us today on 020 3761 5876.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Service forPrice
Hallway£ 13
Single Room£ 19
Double Room£ 24
Living Room/Lounge£ 29
Bathroom£ 6
Landing£ 7
Stairs£ 2 (per step)

Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf

We are confident that you can’t find a more efficient carpet cleaning service than ours. We’ve been one of the leading providers of cleaning services in Canary Wharf for many years, so we have rich experience when it comes to cleaning all types of textile floors. We use a wide range of cleaning methods that guarantee satisfying results.

The quality of our cleaning procedures is guaranteed by our professionally-trained cleaning technicians. Our company has gathered a team of licensed and experienced cleaning specialists who are ready to tackle any cleaning challenge. We guarantee that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to meet the demands of the pickiest clients.

We offer regular, one-off and seasonal carpet cleaning, so give us a call if you are interested in our offer. Our support staff will provide you with additional booking information as well as with a free quote.

Why Us?

Carpet cleaners Canary WharfWe are the best choice when it comes to carpet and rug cleaning, because we have a flexible approach. This guarantees that we will clean your carpets by using the most suitable cleaning method and product. This may not seem like a huge change, but our experience shows that picking the correct cleaning chemicals is essential if we want to achieve satisfying results.

We pay attention to the smallest details, so you can rest assured that our workers will carefully inspect and clean every inch of the carpet or rug. Although we specialize in cleaning rugs and carpets, we won’t face any difficulties if you want us to clean your upholstered furniture (leather upholstery as well), mattresses, blinds and drapes.

We believe our service is unique, because:

  • Before we start cleaning, we’ll inspect the carpet’s surface and locate the toughest stains
  • The next step is to identify the stains and determine the most suitable cleaning chemical to be used
  • After that our workers will treat the carpet’s surface using a special cleaning compound
  • Stains will be cleaned using a set of special cleaning chemicals which are powerful, but also eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • The last step is running the steam cleaning machine which will send a jet of under-pressure hot steam through the carpet’s fibers
  • The hot steam in combination with the powerful cleaning chemicals applied earlier will dissolve and flush out all the dirt, soil, stains and grime from the carpet’s fibers

We provide our workers with the required cleaning equipment and products, so you won’t have to spend money on expensive materials and tools. All products we use are manufactured by Prochem, so we guarantee that their quality is perfect.

We also offer the Scotchgard protection solution which protects your carpets from stains. This application works as an invisible shield which repels liquids from the carpet’s fibers. This simple, but efficient solution will keep liquids on top of the carpet where they can easily be cleaned by using regular household cleaning products and tools.

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Our cleaning team is available seven days a week and they also work on most holidays, so you can count on them at any given moment. Their work hours are very flexible, so they’ll easily visit you at a time that suits your schedule. premium-quality-stamp

We are the best choice you can make when it comes to carpet cleaning in Canary Wharf. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and training to successfully deal with any cleaning challenge. If you need additional assistance or information about our company and services, you should get in touch with us by using the contact details shown on our website.


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