How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet cleaningCleaning the living room carpet, can be a real backbreaker from time to time. Due to the fact that the living room is the most used room spills and stains occur on a daily basis. Therefore to prolong the life and good looks of the centrepiece living room carpet, you must take the necessary precautions. Below are mentioned some tips which can aid you to achieve the goal of having a nice carpet for the long run.

Regular vacuuming is the key to having a good looking and clean carpet. If you do not vacuum on a regular basis dirt will commence to build up in the fibres and the carpet will get ruined quickly. That is way vacuuming twice a week is of great importance, by vacuuming frequently you will prevent the dirt and soil build-ups.

Steam cleaning a carpet

Instant response when a spill occurs can help you prevent any permanent stains. When a spill happens do not wait for it to dry. Get a clean cloth or towel and begin blotting the spill. Remember only blot, don’t rub as you may spread the spill all over the carpet. When done, get a carpet cleaning solution and apply it on a new cloth or towel.

Carpet cleaners
Put the cloth or towel on the stained area wait a couple of minutes, if needed you can massage the cloth with the back of a spoon. Always work from the outside of the stain towards its centre. After the stain has been absorbed, rinse the treated area with lukewarm water and dry carefully. If you leave the carpet wet you risk having mould and mildew problems.

Due to the fact that professional carpet cleaners have the needed experience and equipment to clean a carpet, they must have a prominent role in your carpet maintenance. That is why it is of grave significance to have professional technicians from London to come and clean the carpet thoroughly twice a year

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