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End of Tenancy Cleaning Enfield EN4 | Central London Cleaners

End of Tenancy Cleaning Enfield

End of Tenancy Cleaning EnfieldCentral London Cleaners is a leading provider of end of tenancy and check out cleaning services in Enfield, EN4 for tenants, landlords and estate agents. Contact us for an instant quote. When it comes to cleaning procedures, then there is hardly a person who likes them. Well, in such case you don’t want to waste your precious time trying to perform end of tenancy cleaning on your own because of a couple of reasons – first of all, you lack the skills, and second, of all you will waste a couple of days until you hit the final point. But what will happen if your landlord is not satisfied with the result? Pretty simple – you will not get your deposit money back! Call us today on 020 3761 5876.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

End of Tenancy CleaningPrice
Studio Flatfrom £79
1 bedroom propertyfrom £94
2 bedroom propertyfrom £129
3 bedroom propertyfrom £159
4 bedroom propertyfrom £189

We doubt that there is a person who wants this to happen and due to this reason we want to inform you we are here to help. Being a leader in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years, we are more than confident that your end of tenancy needs will be seamlessly met by our great operatives. Our services include:

  • Taking care of the left-over residue
  • Cleaning the kitchen along with household appliances
  • Sanitizing the bathroom
  • 100% clean assurance
  • Hand-washing hardwood and marble floors, if needed
  • Various procedures depending on your needs

Trained Move out Cleaners Enfield, EN4
Probably the time has come and you have to move out from your old place. If yes, then there is only one thing you can do – get in touch with us and take advantage of our move out services. Unlike most of our competitors we will not try to charge you a small fortune for our activities and if you take a look at our price page you will notice that we are considered as one of the most reliable and effective company, simply because our rates and quality are unbeatable.

The secret key to success here is in the fact we cooperate with employees with lots of experience and references and due to this reason you can be sure we will not let you down!

  • Degreasing kitchen utilities such as microwave and oven
  • Polishing household appliances
  • Vacuuming carpets and upholstery
  • Taking care of the left over residue

Other Services We Offer

Carpet Cleaning Enfield

EN4 Check out Cleaning in Enfield
If you are about to move out of your old place, then you are in need of check-out services. Let’s cut down to the chase and tell you that there is no other agency that will be able to help you in a way we can. As a matter of fact we are more than proud to present you our services, and here is why:

During all those years we have been dealing with such cleanings and so far we don’t have a single customer who is not happy with our rates. What we are trying to say here is we combine great quality along with low rates. If you use our check-out services you will get:

  • Cleaning of household appliances
  • Dusting of frames, pictures, etc.
  • Bathroom sanitization
  • Taking care of left-over residue
  • We will provide all the required materials without extra charges


92 Wilton Road, Central London
Phone: 020 3761 5876
Website: https://centrallondoncleaners.org/
Email: info@centrallondoncleaners.org