End of Tenancy Cleaning Sutton

End of Tenancy Cleaning SuttonCentral London Cleaners is a leading provider of end of tenancy and check out cleaning services in Sutton, SM1 for tenants, landlords and estate agents. Contact us for an instant quote. There is hardly a cleaning company out there that can offer you such a variety of services as we can. First of all, when you give us a call you will have the chance to speak with our cleaning operatives who will not only be able to offer you different types of end of tenancy cleaning packages, but will also be more than glad to assist you and help you choose the one that will fit both into your budget and needs. Keep in mind that we are professionals and we have what it takes to make you happy, and more importantly – get your deposit money back. Call us today on 020 3761 5876.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

End of Tenancy CleaningPrice
Studio Flatfrom £79
1 bedroom propertyfrom £94
2 bedroom propertyfrom £129
3 bedroom propertyfrom £159
4 bedroom propertyfrom £189

As a matter of fact, the only effort you are required to do is to get the phone and give us a call. That is not that hard, right? The time doesn’t matter because we are always ready for business offers – we work 24/7 and the most important thing for us is making our clients happy. This is why we want to ensure you that everything we do will be tailored to you and your needs. We offer:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of rooms
  • Thorough cleaning of all rooms in the apartment
  • Taking care of the left-over residue
  • 48-hour guarantee

Move out Cleaning Solutions Sutton, SM1
Many people don’t want to spend money on move out services and we do get that because we know how hard it might be for them to believe there is a reliable agency that can take care of the cleaning process at low rates. We are here to change that and we want to prove you that even if you don’t feel like cleaning, you don’t have to! The only effort you will have to make is to get the phone and give us a call. We promise that every little detail at your place will receive the needed attention.

We also offer a wide variety of cleaning packages that will be offered to you depending on your needs and budget.

  • Professional and dedicated employees
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • 24-hour guarantee
  • Flexible same day services
  • Top-shelf detergents and chemicals provided by us at no extra charge

Other Services We Offer

Carpet Cleaning Sutton

Sutton, SM1 Check Out Cleaners
If you are about to move out of your old place, then you are in need of check-out services. Let’s cut down to the chase and tell you that there is no other agency that will be able to help you in a way we can. As a matter of fact we are more than proud to present you our services, and here is why:

During all those years we have been dealing with such cleanings and so far we don’t have a single customer who is not happy with our rates. What we are trying to say here is we combine great quality along with low rates. If you use our check-out services you will get:

  • Cleaning of household appliances
  • Dusting of frames, pictures, etc.
  • Bathroom sanitization
  • Taking care of left-over residue
  • We will provide all the required materials without extra charges


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Phone: 020 3761 5876
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