How To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Kichen Cleaning TipsWhen you decide to clean your refrigerator and find out that its shelves are permanently fixed to its main body and you have just noticed that after a year use you should reconsider how often you clean your fridge: don’t overlook this chore – it’s equally important as the rest of your cleaning tasks. After all you store your food there. Usually, that is a chore you have to manage on your own but for the rest of your home cleaning you can hire a cleaning company.

You would be surprised how easy it is to maintain your refrigerator in good shape, just follow the several steps below. One thing you should take into consideration and apply it as a general rule: don’t use cleaning chemicals that may be consequently absorbed into your food.

The first thing you have to do is to remove the content of the refrigerator. While you are doing that dispose of anything spoiled, expired, or unlikely to be used again anytime soon. Then take out the removable shelves and containers and rinse them with warm water and dish soap. Leave them dry and then wipe them with a clean cloth.

After that wipe up the inside of the fridge with a dry cloth or a paper towel to remove spots and pieces of leftovers and then cover the whole interior of the fridge with vinegar including the door itself. It would be easier if you use a spray bottle to apply it. Vinegar is a good choice for cleaning the refrigerator because its acidity kills microbes such as bacteria and mould and also it is not toxic contrary to the majority of cleaning products sold in stores. After you finish with that put everything back in the fridge and clean it from outside again with vinegar.

When you are leaving a rented home you should apply those steps because the fridge is one of the items landlords will check. To be sure you will get the whole amount of the security deposit back you’d better hire a cleaning company.

Microwave Oven

Microwave ovenEvery person, nowadays, has a microwave oven. It is of great use to people, because it helps them make coffee, tea and warm their dishes faster. The thing is, though, that most people don’t know how to clean their microwave ovens. If you are one of them, I suggest that you continue reading.

Most people use store detergents to clean their microwaves, which is a big mistake. Commercial cleaning products contain lots of toxic ingredients. When you clean with them, part of these ingredients remains on the surface of your appliance, and when you run it to warm a dish, your food absorbs the toxins. You can imagine how dangerous this is, especially if you have children. But how to clean a microwave, then?

The easiest and best way to clean a microwave oven is by putting a cup full of water mixed with lemon juice inside it. You have to set the timer of your appliance on two, three or more minutes, depending on how powerful it is, so that the water starts boiling and coming out of the cup. The heat of the microwave combined with the boiling lemon/water solution will loosen up the stains, and all you’ll have to do is to wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge. This solution will also remove any bad odours from your appliance.

Sounds easy and safe, doesn’t it? Moreover, it is also cheap. If you don’t have lemons at home, you can mix the water with vinegar, too, but then your microwave won’t smell of lemons but of vinegar, which is not that pleasant.
There are lots of techniques for microwave oven cleaning, but none of them is as good as the mentioned above. If you want you can ask a professional cleaner and he’ll tell you the same. Not matter what cleaning solutions or techniques you use, they won’t clean your appliance as good as the boiling lemon/water solution.


OvenNot all ovens are simple. There are special types of ovens that require a special approach. Self-cleaning oven must be cleaned in a special way since using conventional cleaning methods can damage it. Here we will explain you the bit you need to know about ovens and how to clean your oven safely.

First, let us tell you about self-cleaning ovens. Such ovens have a program installed on them, that heats them up to very high temperatures. These ovens are made to withstand these temperatures. The food leftovers inside get literally reduced to ash. From there all you need to do is remove the ashes from the bottom of the oven. Usually, you can do it with a damp cloth or a brush. You cannot use any abrasive oven cleaners here.

In order to clean your oven safely, you may need to ask the manufacturer or the seller about any perks the oven has. There are few main types, but those companies really like to add something more, and it could be important. So read the manual at least.

The continuously cleaning ovens work in a different way than the self-cleaning ones. They have a special coating within, made of porous material. The heated air inside prevents the stains from sticking to the walls and ceiling of the oven. We will tell you how to clean your oven safely if you have one of these. To begin with, no strong detergents may be used in this case. Anything stronger than a mild dish washing liquid or white vinegar can damage the coating, rendering it useless. The coating itself should prevent any strong stains from forming up, so you won’t need to use strong detergents. Our professional oven cleaners suggest using mild detergents, on a soft cloth, to wipe the few stains that have occurred.

Protecting the oven from stains is always a good option. Putting aluminium folio to keep liquid from spilling is a good thought, just make sure you do not block any of the vent holes, that grant access to the fire within the oven. Using deeper dishes for larger meals is also a good idea. This is pretty much all you need to know about how to clean your oven safely.

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